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About NAMI Southwest Ohio

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Southwest Ohio is a grassroots education, support and advocacy organization originally founded as NAMI Hamilton County in 1979. At the end of 2014 NAMI Hamilton County, NAMI Warren County and NAMI Clermont County merged to better serve the region.

We offer educational programs, support groups, and an information and referral phone line. We work together with our national organization (NAMI) and our state affiliate (NAMI Ohio) to advocate for people living with mental illness and their families.

Our Mission

NAMI Southwest Ohio is dedicated to improving the lives of families and individuals affected by mental illness through education, support and advocacy.

Our Values

In pursuing our mission, NAMI Southwest Ohio is committed to the following values:

  1. Recovery: Recovery is possible with comprehensive treatment. Mental illness, like most other illnesses, comprises biological, psychological, and social factors.
  2. Access to Treatment: All individuals should have access to treatment appropriate to their needs.
  3. Needs Adequately Addressed: The needs of all those affected by mental illness, including people living with mental illness, family members, friends and others should be adequately addressed.
  4. No Guilt, Shame, Blame or Stigma: There should be no stigma associated with mental illness.
  5. Collaboration: Collaboration within the mental health community is vital to effective treatment and recovery.
  6. Excellence: All NAMI’s support, education and advocacy programs should be conducted with the highest possible standards.
  7. Inclusion: All segments of the community should be included as we seek to be the voice for mental health in Southwest Ohio.
  8. Respect: All individuals should be treated with respect in every situation.
  9. Openness and Responsiveness to Change: NAMI will be quick to adapt to positive research, medications and treatment, and will be willing to consider changes that will improve the delivery of our mission.
  10. Fiscal Responsibility: Financial policies and decisions will be carefully weighed in order to optimize the use of resources in the most efficient and effective manner.

Our Vision

We are hopeful that by 2020, NAMI Southwest Ohio will be recognized as the primary source in our region of education about mental health for families and people living with mental illness.

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