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About Recovery

What is recovery?

Recovery from mental health conditions is possible and likely for many that have these conditions. All treatments, services, and supports should reflect the reality that recovery is possible for those living with mental health conditions.

Recovery is a holistic process that includes both physical and mental health as cornerstones of wellness. It is a journey that is unique for each person. There are many definitions of recovery; some grounded in medical and clinical values, some grounded in context of community and successful living.

One of the most important concepts to remember is this: recovery is a process, not a single event.

For NAMI, recovery is a basic principle. Mental health conditions impact individuals in many challenging ways. However, the idea that anyone living with a mental health condition can move toward wellness is vital.

A strengths-based approach is also a key element of NAMI initiatives, activities and efforts. Many, many individuals living with mental illness have benefited from the various opportunities provided by NAMI. NAMI has become a vehicle for recovery, and a pathway toward wellness. 

How can NAMI Southwest Ohio Help?

NAMI Southwest Ohio offers a number of programs that talk about recovery. Many are led by people living with a mental health condition or mental illness who are living in recovery.

  • NAMI Peer-to-Peer is a 10 session education course for anyone living with mental health challenges. The class is led by people living with mental illness who are in recovery.
  • NAMI Connection Support Group is a 90 minute support group for people living with mental health challenges. These groups are led by people living with mental illness who are in recovery.
  • In Our Own Voice is a 40 to 60 minute presentation given by two persons living with mental illness who are in recovery. The presentation goes over what happened, what helped, and what is next for each of these individuals in their journey with mental illness.
  • Ending the Silence is a 50 minute in-school presentation about mental health designed for middle and high school. Students, parents, or staff learn about signs and symptoms of mental illness. A family member or individual living with a mental illness gives the first part of the presentation. An individual who experienced mental health challenges in middle school or high school then tells their story.
  • Good for Business is a one hour presentation for the business community. The presentation helps companies understand how mental health can affect the workplace.
  • Volunteering with NAMI is also a great way to learn more about recovery. It can also help maintain recovery.


NAMI is dedicated to improving the lives of all those affected by mental illnesses. All levels of NAMI are working every day to help by providing support, education, advocacy, and leadership experiences. Recovery is possible!

Instead of being defined by their illness, people living with mental health conditions can instead be defined by their goals, hopes and dreams which are so vital to each of us. People in recovery can then make important contributions to their communities. 

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