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NAMI Connection Support Group

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What is a NAMI Connection Support Group?

NAMI Connection Support Groups are free, peer-led recovery support groups for adults living with mental illness or a mental health condition. The groups follow a structured model to ensure you and other group members can all participate. The groups can occur weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

In Connection, people learn from each others’ experiences, share coping strategies, and offer each other encouragement and understanding in a confidential setting. Come learn ways to better understand your illness and cope more effectively. Talk with others who understand.

There is no pre-registration for NAMI Connection Support Groups. Simply show up!

NAMI Connection Support Groups are CLOSED to observers and family members of people living with mental illness. 

If you’d like to attend a group that welcomes both individuals with mental illness and their family members, consider attending LENS. Find out more here.

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