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Good for Business


Good for Business

Are you concerned about mental health in your
workplace but don’t know what to do about it?

Good for Business is a good first step!

What is Good for Business?

Good for Business is a 50-minute presentation that helps companies understand how eliminating mental health stigma in the workplace can improve employee health and productivity.

  • 18% of employees say they have experienced symptoms of a mental health condition in the previous month.
  • Employees are reluctant to seek treatment for fear of jeopardizing their jobs, so their illness may go untreated and they may lose productivity at work.
  • A coworker or loved one living with mental illness may affect an employee’s workplace productivity even if the employee doesn’t personally have a mental health condition.

Good for Business helps employers, employees, and coworkers understand ways to help.

People who have been personally affected by mental illness, whether their own or their loved one’s, give the presentation.

What Does the Presentation Cover?

Participants will learn:

  • How common mental illness is
  • How to recognize symptoms of mental health conditions in themselves or a coworker
  • Why employees are reluctant to disclose a mental health condition at work
  • How to help a coworker with a mental health condition, including a coworker who mentions they may be contemplating suicide
  • What treatment options and other resources exist for workers affected by a mental health condition

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