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Peer Partners

NAMI Southwest Ohio Peer Partners - one on one peer support for those experiencing mental health concerns, at no cost to participants

What is Peer Partners?

Peer Partners is a service offered as a FREE means of one-on-one support during these times. Connect via phone with a peer living well with mental health concerns to share experiences, coping strategies, and hope. 

Situational anxiety and depression are more prevalent than ever due to COVID-19, and many individuals with no prior history of mental health challenges may experience them for the first time.

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Email or call (513) 351-3500 to let our specialist know that you are looking for one-on-one support.

What are people saying about Peer Partners?

“Cheryl* has been a true lifeline to me. About two months ago, things seemed to quickly spiral out of control, beginning with anxiety about the COVID 19 crisis. I called the NAMI office and was treated with such compassion and kindness. Just her voice was so calming. She reassured me that things would get better. She told me about other resources and most importantly continues to reach out to me. I have had occasion to call her when I’m uncertain what to do and she continues to offer me constructive help. Cheryl’s focus is on me and my challenges, but at the end of our first conversation, she let me know of her own experience with mental illness. This was an added layer of helpfulness because I know she truly understands. I’m very grateful for the support of NAMI.” – Peer Partner Participant
*names changed for anonymity




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